First we decide on the ramdisk image size. The image should be small to leave enough main memory for standard operations, but big enough to fit a variety of programs to be flexible in its use. Mainstream memory is available between 256MB and 2GB. My preference is to get smaller but fast memory, so I'll try to get by with as little as 256MB main memory by sizing the ramdisk to 64MB.


  1. create a empty 64MB file
    dd if=/dev/zero of=net4 bs=1M count=64
  2. create a filesystem in the 64MB file
    mke2fs -F -m 0 -b 1024 net4
  3. mount the new 64MB image file
    mkdir net4-mount
    mount -o loop net4 net4-mount

Done. Next we configure, compile and install BusyBox into the mounted image (configure --prefix=net4-mount). link

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