Japanese Castles

Japanese Castles
Build as a stronghold by Japanese lords, these castles are unique in style and design. Most of them started as medieval castles with pure military purpose. During the Sengoku period in the 16th century, a new construction phase brought castles into the shape preserved until today. [view gallery]

Japanese Gardens and Parks

Japanese Gardens and Parks
Japanese Gardens try to reach high levels of harmony with nature through the careful use of 3 natural elements: plants, stones, and water. They create serene areas of quiet beauty, encouraging meditation and forgetting wordly affairs. [view gallery]

Wonderful Japan - Part 2

Wonderful Japan - 2
One year later we returned to Japan and our travel route took us via Tokyo. With the highest population density in the world, it is both memorable and astonishing. Experiencing a level 2 earthquake, it was a reminder of the daily dangers nature has in store. [view gallery]

Wonderful Japan - Part 1

Wonderful Japan - 1
I never thought I would see it, but for very personal reasons I just visited and now I love it. With a history so unique and a wonderful culture, it is both traditional and very modern. Find out more about my first impression in December 2005 [view gallery]

Japanese Cuisine - Miso Soup

Miso Soup
Miso soup is the most common soup in Japan. It is named after the soy bean paste (Miso) that is used to season the soup. Most Japanese-style meals will include a bowl of miso soup, it is a common and very traditional dish. [learn recipe]