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With the complexity of information technology: abstract languages, a myriad of commands, tools and software from different sources; most of us keep a collection of work notes because complex knowledge is hard to memorize. When the price of web hosting came down, putting the notes to the web was the next logical step. Sharing experience can be a great time saver, and became my personal way of contributing back ... [read more]

About this Server

Linode VPS
This server is a virtual system, running in todays catchy term, in "the cloud". The somewhat vague definition of "cloud computing" is that computing resources are rented from a provider, are typically accessed over the Internet and resources are expandable on demand. I am running this server since 2004 ... [read article]

History of Operating Systems - Screenshots Gallery

OS Screenshots
When I got my hands on the first computer systems, I was convinced it would change daily life. And while it is easy to take the latest generation of computers granted today, I remind myself how they changed over time by saving a screenshot once in a while. Here is the gallery of past operating systems. [view gallery]

Sun's Sparc Classic with Solaris 9

Sun Sparc Classic
In todays fast-paced society, IT technology has gotten such a short lifespan were systems become obsolete in a year or two, creating a throw-away mentality and endless upgrade cycles at an ever increasing speed. And while I marvel at the latest technology with its possibilities and improvements, I have also grown fond of "the good old times". Could a "ancient" system from 1992 still do its job? Is having "less" even more useful? [read article]

Solaris Howto's

Solaris Howto's

SUN's Solaris operating system had been around since the early 90-ties when it proved to be a very solid OS for running the upcoming Internet services 24x7. It's popularity waned with the success of Linux and the shift from using reliable brand systems to clustered, cheap Intel hardware that could soon match SUN's Sparc CPU performance.


Besides "growing" code, I am also enjoy raising trees. Definitely a time-consuming task for the "long-haul", it requires patience and stability in life. They mirror our lifes: If we do well, our plants are happy, too. When we struggle, they start to suffer with us.
Taking a picture eavery year, and every season if possible, documents the progress. [photos]