The OpenSSL apps library implements a wide range of security algorithms. The library functions are used by OpenSSL implementations of SSL, TLS and S/MIME. In addition, they are used in well-known software such as SSH, OpenPGP, and others. Sections: man1 man3 man5 man7

Alphabetical Listing

Below is the list of available manual pages in section man3, sorted alphabetically for a quick lookup.

1ADMISSIONSAccessors and settors for ADMISSION_SYNTAX
2ASN1_aux_cbASN.1 auxiliary data
3ASN1_EXTERN_FUNCSASN.1 external function support
4ASN1_generate_nconfASN1 string generation functions
5ASN1_INTEGER_get_int64ASN.1 INTEGER and ENUMERATED utilities
6ASN1_INTEGER_newASN1_INTEGER allocation functions
7ASN1_item_d2i_biodecode and encode DER-encoded ASN.1 structures
8ASN1_ITEM_lookuplookup ASN.1 structures
9ASN1_item_newcreate new ASN.1 values
10ASN1_item_signASN1 sign and verify
11ASN1_OBJECT_newobject allocation functions
12ASN1_STRING_lengthASN1_STRING utility functions
13ASN1_STRING_newASN1_STRING allocation functions
14ASN1_STRING_print_exASN1_STRING output routines
15ASN1_STRING_TABLE_addASN1_STRING_TABLE manipulation functions
16ASN1_TIME_setASN.1 Time functions
17ASN1_TYPE_getASN1_TYPE utility functions
18ASYNC_start_jobasynchronous job management functions
19ASYNC_WAIT_CTX_newfunctions to manage waiting for asynchronous jobs to complete
20b2i_PVK_bio_exDecode and encode functions for reading and writing MSBLOB format private keys
21BF_encryptBlowfish encryption
22BIO_ADDRINFOBIO_ADDRINFO type and routines
24BIO_connectBIO socket communication setup routines
25BIO_ctrlBIO control operations
26BIO_f_base64base64 BIO filter
27BIO_f_bufferbuffering BIO
28BIO_f_ciphercipher BIO filter
29BIO_find_typeBIO chain traversal
30BIO_f_mdmessage digest BIO filter
31BIO_f_nullnull filter
32BIO_f_prefixprefix BIO filter
33BIO_f_readbufferread only buffering BIO that supports BIO_tell() and BIO_seek()
34BIO_f_sslSSL BIO
35BIO_get_datafunctions for managing BIO state information
36BIO_get_ex_new_indexapplication-specific data
37BIO_get_rpoll_descriptorobtain a structure which can be used to determine when a BIO object can next be read or written
38BIO_meth_newRoutines to build up BIO methods
39BIO_new_CMSCMS streaming filter BIO
40BIO_newBIO allocation and freeing functions
41BIO_parse_hostservutility routines to parse a standard host and service string
42BIO_printfformatted output to a BIO
43BIO_pushadd and remove BIOs from a chain
44BIO_readBIO I/O functions
45BIO_s_acceptaccept BIO
46BIO_s_bioBIO pair BIO
47BIO_s_connectconnect BIO
48BIO_s_coreOSSL_CORE_BIO functions
49BIO_s_datagramNetwork BIO with datagram semantics
50BIO_s_dgram_pairdatagram pair BIO
51BIO_sendmmsgsend and receive multiple datagrams in a single call
52BIO_set_callbackBIO callback functions
53BIO_s_fdfile descriptor BIO
54BIO_s_fileFILE bio
55BIO_should_retryBIO retry functions
56BIO_s_memmemory BIO
57BIO_s_nullnull data sink
58BIO_socket_waitBIO connection utility functions
59BIO_s_socketsocket BIO
60BN_addarithmetic operations on BIGNUMs
61BN_add_wordarithmetic functions on BIGNUMs with integers
62BN_BLINDING_newblinding related BIGNUM functions
63BN_bn2binformat conversions
64BN_cmpBIGNUM comparison and test functions
65BN_copycopy BIGNUMs
66BN_CTX_newallocate and free BN_CTX structures
67BN_CTX_startuse temporary BIGNUM variables
68BN_generate_primegenerate primes and test for primality
69BN_mod_exp_montMontgomery exponentiation
70BN_mod_inversecompute inverse modulo n
71BN_mod_mul_montgomeryMontgomery multiplication
72BN_mod_mul_reciprocalmodular multiplication using reciprocal
73BN_newallocate and free BIGNUMs
74BN_num_bytesget BIGNUM size
75BN_randgenerate pseudo-random number
76BN_security_bitsreturns bits of security based on given numbers
77BN_set_bitbit operations on BIGNUMs
78BN_swapexchange BIGNUMs
79BN_zeroBIGNUM assignment operations
80BUF_MEM_newsimple character array structure
81CMS_add0_certCMS certificate and CRL utility functions
82CMS_add1_recipient_certadd recipients to a CMS enveloped data structure
83CMS_add1_signeradd a signer to a CMS_ContentInfo signed data structure
84CMS_compresscreate a CMS CompressedData structure
85CMS_data_createCreate CMS Data object
86CMS_decryptdecrypt content from a CMS envelopedData structure
87CMS_digest_createCreate CMS DigestedData object
88CMS_EncryptedData_decryptDecrypt CMS EncryptedData or EnvelopedData
89CMS_EncryptedData_encryptCreate CMS EncryptedData
90CMS_encryptcreate a CMS envelopedData structure
91CMS_EnvelopedData_createCreate CMS envelope
92CMS_finalfinalise a CMS_ContentInfo structure
93CMS_get0_RecipientInfosCMS envelopedData RecipientInfo routines
94CMS_get0_SignerInfosCMS signedData signer functions
95CMS_get0_typeget and set CMS content types and content
96CMS_get1_ReceiptRequestCMS signed receipt request functions
97CMS_sign_receiptcreate a CMS signed receipt
98CMS_signcreate a CMS SignedData structure
99CMS_uncompressuncompress a CMS CompressedData structure
100CMS_verify_receiptverify a CMS signed receipt
101CMS_verifyverify a CMS SignedData structure
102COMP_CTX_newCompression support
103CONF_modules_freeOpenSSL configuration cleanup functions
104CONF_modules_load_fileOpenSSL configuration functions
105CRYPTO_get_ex_new_indexfunctions supporting application-specific data
106CRYPTO_memcmpConstant time memory comparison
107CRYPTO_THREAD_run_onceOpenSSL thread support
108CTLOG_newencapsulates information about a Certificate Transparency log
109CTLOG_STORE_get0_log_by_idGet a Certificate Transparency log from a CTLOG_STORE
110CTLOG_STORE_newCreate and populate a Certificate Transparency log list
111CT_POLICY_EVAL_CTX_newEncapsulates the data required to evaluate whether SCTs meet a Certificate Transparency policy
112d2i_PKCS8PrivateKey_bioPKCS#8 format private key functions
113d2i_PrivateKeydecode and encode functions for reading and saving EVP_PKEY structures
115d2i_SSL_SESSIONconvert SSL_SESSION object from/to ASN1 representation
116d2i_X509convert objects from/to ASN.1/DER representation
117DEFINE_STACK_OFstack container
118DES_random_keyDES encryption
119DH_generate_keyperform Diffie-Hellman key exchange
120DH_generate_parametersgenerate and check Diffie-Hellman parameters
121DH_get0_pqgRoutines for getting and setting data in a DH object
122DH_get_1024_160Create standardized public primes or DH pairs
123DH_meth_newRoutines to build up DH methods
124DH_new_by_nidcreate or get DH named parameters
125DH_newallocate and free DH objects
126DH_set_methodselect DH method
127DH_sizeget Diffie-Hellman prime size and security bits
128DSA_do_signraw DSA signature operations
129DSA_dup_DHcreate a DH structure out of DSA structure
130DSA_generate_keygenerate DSA key pair
131DSA_generate_parametersgenerate DSA parameters
132DSA_get0_pqgRoutines for getting and setting data in a DSA object
133DSA_meth_newRoutines to build up DSA methods
134DSA_newallocate and free DSA objects
135DSA_set_methodselect DSA method
136DSA_SIG_newallocate and free DSA signature objects
137DSA_signDSA signatures
138DSA_sizeget DSA signature size, key bits or security bits
139DTLS_get_data_mtuGet maximum data payload size
140DTLS_set_timer_cbSet callback for controlling DTLS timer duration
141DTLSv1_get_timeoutdetermine when a DTLS or QUIC SSL object next needs a timeout event to be handled
142DTLSv1_handle_timeouthandle a pending timeout event for a DTLS or QUIC SSL object
143DTLSv1_listenStatelessly listen for incoming connections
144ECDSA_SIG_newFunctions for creating, destroying and manipulating ECDSA_SIG objects
145ECDSA_signdeprecated low-level elliptic curve digital signature algorithm (ECDSA) functions
146EC_GFp_simple_methodFunctions for obtaining EC_METHOD objects
147EC_GROUP_copyFunctions for manipulating EC_GROUP objects
148EC_GROUP_newFunctions for creating and destroying EC_GROUP objects
149EC_KEY_get_enc_flagsGet and set flags for encoding EC_KEY structures
150EC_KEY_newFunctions for creating, destroying and manipulating EC_KEY objects
151ECPKParameters_printFunctions for decoding and encoding ASN1 representations of elliptic curve entities
152EC_POINT_addFunctions for performing mathematical operations and tests on EC_POINT objects
153EC_POINT_newFunctions for creating, destroying and manipulating EC_POINT objects
154ENGINE_addENGINE cryptographic module support
155ERR_clear_errorclear the error queue
156ERR_error_stringobtain human-readable error message
157ERR_get_errorobtain error code and data
158ERR_GET_LIBget information from error codes
159ERR_load_crypto_stringsload and free error strings
160ERR_load_stringsload arbitrary error strings
161ERR_newError recording building blocks
162ERR_print_errorsprint error messages
163ERR_put_errorrecord an error
165ERR_set_markset mark, clear mark, pop errors until mark and pop last error
166EVP_aes_128_gcmEVP AES cipher
167EVP_aria_128_gcmEVP ARIA cipher
168EVP_ASYM_CIPHER_freeFunctions to manage EVP_ASYM_CIPHER algorithm objects
169EVP_bf_cbcEVP Blowfish cipher
170EVP_blake2b512BLAKE2 For EVP
171EVP_BytesToKeypassword based encryption routine
172EVP_camellia_128_ecbEVP Camellia cipher
173EVP_cast5_cbcEVP CAST cipher
174EVP_chacha20EVP ChaCha20 stream cipher
175EVP_CIPHER_CTX_get_cipher_dataRoutines to inspect and modify EVP_CIPHER_CTX objects
176EVP_CIPHER_CTX_get_original_ivRoutines to inspect EVP_CIPHER_CTX IV data
177EVP_CIPHER_meth_newRoutines to build up EVP_CIPHER methods
178EVP_des_cbcEVP DES cipher
179EVP_desx_cbcEVP DES-X cipher
180EVP_DigestInitEVP digest routines
181EVP_DigestSignInitEVP signing functions
182EVP_DigestVerifyInitEVP signature verification functions
183EVP_EncodeInitEVP base 64 encode/decode routines
184EVP_EncryptInitEVP cipher routines
185EVP_idea_cbcEVP IDEA cipher
186EVP_KDFEVP KDF routines
187EVP_KEM_freeFunctions to manage EVP_KEM algorithm objects
188EVP_KEYEXCH_freeFunctions to manage EVP_KEYEXCH algorithm objects
189EVP_KEYMGMTEVP key management routines
190EVP_MACEVP MAC routines
191EVP_md2MD2 For EVP
192EVP_md4MD4 For EVP
193EVP_md5MD5 For EVP
194EVP_mdc2MDC-2 For EVP
195EVP_MD_meth_newRoutines to build up legacy EVP_MD methods
196EVP_OpenInitEVP envelope decryption
197EVP_PBE_CipherInitPassword based encryption routines
198EVP_PKEY2PKCS8Convert a private key to/from PKCS8
199EVP_PKEY_asn1_get_countenumerate public key ASN.1 methods
200EVP_PKEY_ASN1_METHODmanipulating and registering EVP_PKEY_ASN1_METHOD structure
201EVP_PKEY_checkkey and parameter validation functions
202EVP_PKEY_copy_parameterspublic key parameter and comparison functions
203EVP_PKEY_CTX_ctrlalgorithm specific control operations
204EVP_PKEY_CTX_get0_libctxfunctions for getting diverse information from an EVP_PKEY_CTX
205EVP_PKEY_CTX_get0_pkeyfunctions for accessing the EVP_PKEY associated with an EVP_PKEY_CTX
206EVP_PKEY_CTX_newpublic key algorithm context functions
207EVP_PKEY_CTX_set1_pbe_passgeneric KDF support functions
208EVP_PKEY_CTX_set_hkdf_mdHMAC-based Extract-and-Expand key derivation algorithm
209EVP_PKEY_CTX_set_paramsprovider parameter passing operations
210EVP_PKEY_CTX_set_rsa_pss_keygen_mdEVP_PKEY RSA-PSS algorithm support functions
211EVP_PKEY_CTX_set_scrypt_NEVP_PKEY scrypt KDF support functions
212EVP_PKEY_CTX_set_tls1_prf_mdTLS PRF key derivation algorithm
213EVP_PKEY_decapsulateKey decapsulation using a KEM algorithm with a private key
214EVP_PKEY_decryptdecrypt using a public key algorithm
215EVP_PKEY_derivederive public key algorithm shared secret
216EVP_PKEY_digestsign_supports_digestindicate support for signature digest
217EVP_PKEY_encapsulateKey encapsulation using a KEM algorithm with a public key
218EVP_PKEY_encryptencrypt using a public key algorithm
219EVP_PKEY_fromdatafunctions to create keys and key parameters from user data
220EVP_PKEY_get_default_digest_nidget default signature digest
221EVP_PKEY_get_field_typeget field type or point conversion form of a key
222EVP_PKEY_get_group_nameget group name of a key
223EVP_PKEY_get_sizeEVP_PKEY information functions
224EVP_PKEY_gettable_paramsretrieve key parameters from a key
225EVP_PKEY_is_akey type and capabilities functions
226EVP_PKEY_keygenkey and parameter generation and check functions
227EVP_PKEY_meth_get_countenumerate public key methods
228EVP_PKEY_meth_newmanipulating EVP_PKEY_METHOD structure
229EVP_PKEY_newpublic/private key allocation and raw key handling functions
230EVP_PKEY_print_privatepublic key algorithm printing routines
231EVP_PKEY_set1_encoded_public_keyfunctions to set and get public key data within an EVP_PKEY
232EVP_PKEY_set1_RSAEVP_PKEY assignment functions
233EVP_PKEY_settable_paramsset key parameters into a key
234EVP_PKEY_set_typefunctions to change the EVP_PKEY type
235EVP_PKEY_signsign using a public key algorithm
236EVP_PKEY_todatafunctions to return keys as an array of key parameters
237EVP_PKEY_verify_recoverrecover signature using a public key algorithm
238EVP_PKEY_verifysignature verification using a public key algorithm
239EVP_RANDEVP RAND routines
240EVP_rc2_cbcEVP RC2 cipher
241EVP_rc4EVP RC4 stream cipher
242EVP_rc5_32_12_16_cbcEVP RC5 cipher
243EVP_ripemd160RIPEMD160 For EVP
244EVP_SealInitEVP envelope encryption
245EVP_seed_cbcEVP SEED cipher
246EVP_set_default_propertiesSet default properties for future algorithm fetches
247EVP_sha1SHA-1 For EVP
248EVP_sha224SHA-2 For EVP
249EVP_sha3_224SHA-3 For EVP
250EVP_SIGNATUREFunctions to manage EVP_SIGNATURE algorithm objects
251EVP_SignInitEVP signing functions
252EVP_sm3SM3 for EVP
253EVP_sm4_cbcEVP SM4 cipher
254EVP_VerifyInitEVP signature verification functions
255EVP_whirlpoolWHIRLPOOL For EVP
256HMACHMAC message authentication code
257i2d_CMS_bio_streamoutput CMS_ContentInfo structure in BER format
258i2d_PKCS7_bio_streamoutput PKCS7 structure in BER format
259i2d_re_X509_tbsX509 encode and decode functions
260MD5MD2, MD4, and MD5 hash functions
261MDC2_InitMDC2 hash function
262NCONF_new_exfunctionality to Load and parse configuration files manually
263o2i_SCT_LISTdecode and encode Signed Certificate Timestamp lists in TLS wire format
264OBJ_nid2objASN1 object utility functions
265OCSP_cert_to_idOCSP certificate ID utility functions
266OCSP_request_add1_nonceOCSP nonce functions
267OCSP_REQUEST_newOCSP request functions
268OCSP_resp_find_statusOCSP response utility functions
269OCSP_response_statusOCSP response functions
270OCSP_sendreq_newOCSP responder query functions
271OpenSSL_add_all_algorithmsadd algorithms to internal table
272OPENSSL_Applinkglue between OpenSSL BIO and Win32 compiler run-time
273OPENSSL_configsimple OpenSSL configuration functions
274OPENSSL_FILEgeneric C programming utility macros
275OPENSSL_fork_prepareOpenSSL fork handlers
276OPENSSL_gmtimeplatform-agnostic OpenSSL time routines
277OPENSSL_hexchar2intHex encoding and decoding functions
278OPENSSL_ia32capthe x86[_64] processor capabilities vector
279OPENSSL_init_cryptoOpenSSL initialisation and deinitialisation functions
280OPENSSL_init_sslOpenSSL (libssl and libcrypto) initialisation
281OPENSSL_instrument_businstrument references to memory bus
282OPENSSL_LH_COMPFUNCdynamic hash table
283OPENSSL_LH_statsLHASH statistics
284OPENSSL_load_builtin_modulesadd standard configuration modules
285OPENSSL_mallocMemory allocation functions
286OPENSSL_s390xcapthe IBM z processor capabilities vector
287OPENSSL_secure_mallocsecure heap storage
288OPENSSL_strcasecmpcompare two strings ignoring case
289OpenSSL_versionget OpenSSL version number and other information
290OSSL_ALGORITHMOpenSSL Core type to define a fetchable algorithm
291OSSL_CALLBACKOpenSSL Core type to define callbacks
292OSSL_CMP_CTX_newfunctions for managing the CMP client context data structure
293OSSL_CMP_exec_certreqfunctions implementing CMP client transactions
294OSSL_CMP_HDR_get0_transactionIDfunctions manipulating CMP message headers
295OSSL_CMP_ITAV_new_caCertsCMP utility functions for handling specific genm and genp messages
296OSSL_CMP_ITAV_set0OSSL_CMP_ITAV utility functions
298OSSL_CMP_MSG_get0_headerfunction(s) manipulating CMP messages
299OSSL_CMP_MSG_http_performclient-side HTTP(S) transfer of a CMP request-response pair
300OSSL_CMP_SRV_CTX_newgeneric functions to set up and control a CMP server
301OSSL_CMP_STATUSINFO_newfunction(s) for managing the CMP PKIStatus
302OSSL_CMP_validate_msgfunctions for verifying CMP message protection
303OSSL_CORE_MAKE_FUNCOpenSSL reserved symbols
304OSSL_CRMF_MSG_get0_tmplfunctions reading from CRMF CertReqMsg structures
305OSSL_CRMF_MSG_set0_validityfunctions populating and verifying CRMF CertReqMsg structures
306OSSL_CRMF_MSG_set1_regCtrl_regTokenfunctions getting or setting CRMF Registration Controls
307OSSL_CRMF_MSG_set1_regInfo_certReqfunctions getting or setting CRMF Registration Info
308OSSL_CRMF_pbmp_newfunctions for producing Password-Based MAC (PBM)
309OSSL_DECODER_CTX_new_for_pkeyDecoder routines to decode EVP_PKEYs
310OSSL_DECODER_CTXDecoder context routines
311OSSL_DECODER_from_bioRoutines to perform a decoding
312OSSL_DECODERDecoder method routines
313OSSL_DISPATCHOpenSSL Core type to define a dispatchable function table
314OSSL_ENCODER_CTX_new_for_pkeyEncoder routines to encode EVP_PKEYs
315OSSL_ENCODER_CTXEncoder context routines
316OSSL_ENCODEREncoder method routines
317OSSL_ENCODER_to_bioRoutines to perform an encoding
318OSSL_ERR_STATE_savesaving and restoring error state
319OSSL_ESS_check_signing_certsEnhanced Security Services (ESS) functions
320OSSL_HPKE_CTX_newHybrid Public Key Encryption (HPKE) functions
321OSSL_HTTP_parse_urlhttp utility functions
322OSSL_HTTP_REQ_CTXHTTP client low-level functions
323OSSL_HTTP_transferHTTP client high-level functions
324OSSL_ITEMOpenSSL Core type for generic itemized data
325OSSL_LIB_CTXOpenSSL library context
326OSSL_PARAM_allocate_from_textOSSL_PARAM construction utilities
327OSSL_PARAM_BLDfunctions to assist in the creation of OSSL_PARAM arrays
328OSSL_PARAM_dupOSSL_PARAM array copy functions
330OSSL_PARAMa structure to pass or request object parameters
331OSSL_PROVIDERprovider routines
332OSSL_QUIC_client_methodProvide SSL_METHOD objects for QUIC enabled functions
333OSSL_SELF_TEST_newfunctionality to trigger a callback during a self test
334OSSL_SELF_TEST_set_callbackspecify a callback for processing self tests
335OSSL_sleepdelay execution for a specified number of milliseconds
336OSSL_STORE_attachFunctions to read objects from a BIO
337OSSL_STORE_expectSpecify what object type is expected
338OSSL_STORE_INFOFunctions to manipulate OSSL_STORE_INFO objects
339OSSL_STORE_LOADERTypes and functions to manipulate, register and unregister STORE loaders for different URI schemes
340OSSL_STORE_openTypes and functions to read objects from a URI
341OSSL_STORE_SEARCHType and functions to create OSSL_STORE search criteria
342OSSL_trace_enabledOpenSSL Tracing API
343OSSL_trace_get_category_numOpenSSL tracing information functions
344OSSL_trace_set_channelEnabling trace output
345PEM_bytes_read_bioread a PEM-encoded data structure from a BIO
346PEM_read_bio_exread PEM format files with custom processing
347PEM_read_bio_PrivateKeyPEM routines
348PEM_read_CMSPEM object encoding routines
349PEM_readPEM encoding routines
350PEM_write_bio_CMS_streamoutput CMS_ContentInfo structure in PEM format
351PEM_write_bio_PKCS7_streamoutput PKCS7 structure in PEM format
352PEM_X509_INFO_read_bio_exread PEM-encoded data structures into one or more X509_INFO objects
353PKCS12_add1_attr_by_NIDAdd an attribute to a PKCS#12 safeBag structure
354PKCS12_add_certAdd an object to a set of PKCS#12 safeBags
355PKCS12_add_CSPName_ascAdd a Microsoft CSP Name attribute to a PKCS#12 safeBag
356PKCS12_add_friendlyname_ascFunctions to add the friendlyname attribute to a PKCS#12 safeBag
357PKCS12_add_localkeyidAdd the localKeyId attribute to a PKCS#12 safeBag
358PKCS12_add_safeCreate and add objects to a PKCS#12 structure
359PKCS12_createcreate a PKCS#12 structure
360PKCS12_decrypt_skeyPKCS12 shrouded keyBag decrypt functions
361PKCS12_gen_macFunctions to create and manipulate a PKCS#12 structure
362PKCS12_get_friendlynameRetrieve the friendlyname attribute from a PKCS#12 safeBag
363PKCS12_initCreate a new empty PKCS#12 structure
364PKCS12_item_decrypt_d2iPKCS12 item encrypt/decrypt functions
365PKCS12_key_gen_utf8_exPKCS#12 Password based key derivation
366PKCS12_newpasschange the password of a PKCS12 structure
367PKCS12_pack_p7encdataPack a set of PKCS#12 safeBags into a PKCS#7 encrypted data object
368PKCS12_parseparse a PKCS#12 structure
369PKCS12_PBE_keyivgenPKCS#12 Password based encryption
370PKCS12_SAFEBAG_create_certCreate PKCS#12 safeBag objects
371PKCS12_SAFEBAG_get0_attrsRetrieve attributes from a PKCS#12 safeBag
372PKCS12_SAFEBAG_get1_certGet objects from a PKCS#12 safeBag
373PKCS12_SAFEBAG_set0_attrsSet attributes for a PKCS#12 safeBag
374PKCS5_PBE_keyivgenPKCS#5 Password based encryption routines
375PKCS5_PBKDF2_HMACpassword based derivation routines with salt and iteration count
376PKCS7_decryptdecrypt content from a PKCS#7 envelopedData structure
377PKCS7_encryptcreate a PKCS#7 envelopedData structure
378PKCS7_get_octet_stringreturn octet string from a PKCS#7 envelopedData structure
379PKCS7_sign_add_signeradd information to PKCS7 structure
380PKCS7_signcreate a PKCS#7 signedData structure
381PKCS7_type_is_otherdetermine content type of PKCS#7 envelopedData structure
382PKCS7_verifyverify a PKCS#7 signedData structure
383PKCS8_encryptPKCS8 encrypt/decrypt functions
384PKCS8_pkey_add1_attrPKCS8 attribute functions
385RAND_addadd randomness to the PRNG or get its status
386RAND_bytesgenerate random data
387RAND_cleanuperase the PRNG state
388RAND_egdquery entropy gathering daemon
389RAND_get0_primaryget access to the global EVP_RAND_CTX instances
390RAND_load_filePRNG seed file
391RAND_set_DRBG_typespecify the global random number generator types
392RAND_set_rand_methodselect RAND method
393RC4_set_keyRC4 encryption
394RIPEMD160_InitRIPEMD-160 hash function
395RSA_blinding_onprotect the RSA operation from timing attacks
396RSA_check_keyvalidate private RSA keys
397RSA_generate_keygenerate RSA key pair
398RSA_get0_keyRoutines for getting and setting data in an RSA object
399RSA_meth_newRoutines to build up RSA methods
400RSA_newallocate and free RSA objects
401RSA_padding_add_PKCS1_type_1asymmetric encryption padding
402RSA_printprint cryptographic parameters
403RSA_private_encryptlow-level signature operations
404RSA_public_encryptRSA public key cryptography
405RSA_set_methodselect RSA method
406RSA_sign_ASN1_OCTET_STRINGRSA signatures
407RSA_signRSA signatures
408RSA_sizeget RSA modulus size or security bits
409s2i_ASN1_IA5STRINGconvert objects from/to ASN.1/string representation
410SCT_newA Certificate Transparency Signed Certificate Timestamp
411SCT_printPrints Signed Certificate Timestamps in a human-readable way
412SCT_validatechecks Signed Certificate Timestamps (SCTs) are valid
413SHA256_InitSecure Hash Algorithm
414SMIME_read_ASN1parse S/MIME message
415SMIME_read_CMSparse S/MIME message
416SMIME_read_PKCS7parse S/MIME message
417SMIME_write_ASN1convert structure to S/MIME format
418SMIME_write_CMSconvert CMS structure to S/MIME format
419SMIME_write_PKCS7convert PKCS#7 structure to S/MIME format
420SRP_Calc_BSRP authentication primitives
421SRP_create_verifierSRP authentication primitives
422SRP_user_pwd_newFunctions to create a record of SRP user verifier information
423SRP_VBASE_newFunctions to create and manage a stack of SRP user verifier information
424SSL_acceptwait for a TLS/SSL client to initiate a TLS/SSL handshake
425SSL_accept_streamaccept an incoming QUIC stream from a QUIC peer
426SSL_alert_type_stringget textual description of alert information
427SSL_alloc_buffersmanage SSL structure buffers
428SSL_check_chaincheck certificate chain suitability
429SSL_CIPHER_get_nameget SSL_CIPHER properties
430SSL_clearreset SSL object to allow another connection
431SSL_COMP_add_compression_methodhandle SSL/TLS integrated compression methods
432SSL_CONF_cmd_argvSSL configuration command line processing
433SSL_CONF_cmdsend configuration command
434SSL_CONF_CTX_newSSL configuration allocation functions
435SSL_CONF_CTX_set1_prefixSet configuration context command prefix
436SSL_CONF_CTX_set_flagsSet or clear SSL configuration context flags
437SSL_CONF_CTX_set_ssl_ctxset context to configure
438SSL_connectinitiate the TLS/SSL handshake with an TLS/SSL server
439SSL_CTX_add1_chain_certextra chain certificate processing
440SSL_CTX_add_extra_chain_certadd, get or clear extra chain certificates
441SSL_CTX_add_sessionmanipulate session cache
442SSL_CTX_configconfigure SSL_CTX or SSL structure
443SSL_CTX_ctrlinternal handling functions for SSL_CTX and SSL objects
444SSL_CTX_dane_enableenable DANE TLS authentication of the remote TLS server in the local TLS client
445SSL_CTX_flush_sessionsremove expired sessions
446SSL_CTX_freefree an allocated SSL_CTX object
447SSL_CTX_get0_paramget and set verification parameters
448SSL_CTX_get_verify_modeget currently set verification parameters
449SSL_CTX_has_client_custom_extcheck whether a handler exists for a particular client extension type
450SSL_CTX_load_verify_locationsset default locations for trusted CA certificates
451SSL_CTX_newcreate a new SSL_CTX object as framework for TLS/SSL or DTLS enabled functions
452SSL_CTX_sessionsaccess internal session cache
453SSL_CTX_sess_numberobtain session cache statistics
454SSL_CTX_sess_set_cache_sizemanipulate session cache size
455SSL_CTX_sess_set_get_cbprovide callback functions for server side external session caching
456SSL_CTX_set0_CA_listget or set CA list
457SSL_CTX_set1_cert_comp_preferenceCertificate compression functions
458SSL_CTX_set1_curvesEC supported curve functions
459SSL_CTX_set1_sigalgsset supported signature algorithms
460SSL_CTX_set1_verify_cert_storeset certificate verification or chain store
461SSL_CTX_set_alpn_select_cbhandle application layer protocol negotiation (ALPN)
462SSL_CTX_set_cert_cbhandle certificate callback function
463SSL_CTX_set_cert_storemanipulate X509 certificate verification storage
464SSL_CTX_set_cert_verify_callbackset peer certificate verification procedure
465SSL_CTX_set_cipher_listchoose list of available SSL_CIPHERs
466SSL_CTX_set_client_cert_cbhandle client certificate callback function
467SSL_CTX_set_client_hello_cbcallback functions for early server-side ClientHello processing
468SSL_CTX_set_ctlog_list_fileload a Certificate Transparency log list from a file
469SSL_CTX_set_ct_validation_callbackcontrol Certificate Transparency policy
470SSL_CTX_set_default_passwd_cbset or get passwd callback for encrypted PEM file handling
471SSL_CTX_set_generate_session_idmanipulate generation of SSL session IDs (server only)
472SSL_CTX_set_info_callbackhandle information callback for SSL connections
473SSL_CTX_set_keylog_callbacklogging TLS key material
474SSL_CTX_set_max_cert_listmanipulate allowed size for the peer's certificate chain
475SSL_CTX_set_min_proto_versionGet and set minimum and maximum supported protocol version
476SSL_CTX_set_modemanipulate SSL engine mode
477SSL_CTX_set_msg_callbackinstall callback for observing protocol messages
478SSL_CTX_set_num_ticketscontrol the number of TLSv1.3 session tickets that are issued
479SSL_CTX_set_optionsmanipulate SSL options
480SSL_CTX_set_psk_client_callbackset PSK client callback
481SSL_CTX_set_quiet_shutdownmanipulate shutdown behaviour
482SSL_CTX_set_read_aheadmanage whether to read as many input bytes as possible
483SSL_CTX_set_record_padding_callbackinstall callback to specify TLS 1.3 record padding
484SSL_CTX_set_security_levelSSL/TLS security framework
485SSL_CTX_set_session_cache_modeenable/disable session caching
486SSL_CTX_set_session_id_contextset context within which session can be reused (server side only)
487SSL_CTX_set_session_ticket_cbmanage session ticket application data
488SSL_CTX_set_split_send_fragmentControl fragment size settings and pipelining operations
489SSL_CTX_set_srp_passwordSRP control operations
490SSL_CTX_set_ssl_versionchoose a new TLS/SSL method
491SSL_CTX_set_stateless_cookie_generate_cbCallback functions for stateless TLS1.3 cookies
492SSL_CTX_set_timeoutmanipulate timeout values for session caching
493SSL_CTX_set_tlsext_servername_callbackhandle server name indication (SNI)
494SSL_CTX_set_tlsext_status_cbOCSP Certificate Status Request functions
495SSL_CTX_set_tlsext_ticket_key_cbset a callback for session ticket processing
496SSL_CTX_set_tlsext_use_srtpConfigure and query SRTP support
497SSL_CTX_set_tmp_dh_callbackhandle DH keys for ephemeral key exchange
498SSL_CTX_set_tmp_ecdhhandle ECDH keys for ephemeral key exchange
499SSL_CTX_set_verifyset various SSL/TLS parameters for peer certificate verification
500SSL_CTX_use_certificateload certificate and key data
501SSL_CTX_use_psk_identity_hintset PSK identity hint to use
502SSL_CTX_use_serverinfouse serverinfo extension
503SSL_do_handshakeperform a TLS/SSL handshake
504SSL_export_keying_materialobtain keying material for application use
505SSL_extension_supportedcustom TLS extension handling
506SSL_freefree an allocated SSL structure
507SSL_get0_connectionget a QUIC connection SSL object from a QUIC stream SSL object
508SSL_get0_group_nameget name of the group that was used for the key agreement of the current TLS session establishment
509SSL_get0_peer_rpkraw public key (RFC7250) support
510SSL_get0_peer_sctsget SCTs received
511SSL_get_all_async_fdsmanage asynchronous operations
512SSL_get_certificateretrieve TLS/SSL certificate and private key
513SSL_get_ciphersget list of available SSL_CIPHERs
514SSL_get_client_randomget internal TLS/SSL random values and get/set master key
515SSL_get_conn_close_infoget information about why a QUIC connection was closed
516SSL_get_current_cipherget SSL_CIPHER of a connection
517SSL_get_default_timeoutget default session timeout value
518SSL_get_errorobtain result code for TLS/SSL I/O operation
519SSL_get_event_timeoutdetermine when an SSL object next needs to have events handled
520SSL_get_extms_supportextended master secret support
521SSL_get_fdget file descriptor linked to an SSL object
522SSL_get_handshake_rttget round trip time for SSL Handshake
523SSL_get_peer_cert_chainget the X509 certificate chain of the peer
524SSL_get_peer_certificateget the X509 certificate of the peer
525SSL_get_peer_signature_nidget TLS message signing types
526SSL_get_peer_tmp_keyget information about temporary keys used during a handshake
527SSL_get_psk_identityget PSK client identity and hint
528SSL_get_rbioget BIO linked to an SSL object
529SSL_get_rpoll_descriptorobtain information which can be used to determine when network I/O can be performed
530SSL_get_sessionretrieve TLS/SSL session data
531SSL_get_shared_sigalgsget supported signature algorithms
532SSL_get_SSL_CTXget the SSL_CTX from which an SSL is created
533SSL_get_stream_idget QUIC stream ID and stream type information
534SSL_get_stream_read_stateget QUIC stream state
535SSL_get_verify_resultget result of peer certificate verification
536SSL_get_versionget the protocol information of a connection
537SSL_group_to_nameget name of group
538SSL_handle_eventsadvance asynchronous state machine and perform network I/O
539SSL_in_initretrieve information about the handshake state machine
540SSL_inject_net_dgraminject a datagram as though received from the network
541SSL_key_updateinitiate and obtain information about updating connection keys
542SSL_library_initinitialize SSL library by registering algorithms
543SSL_load_client_CA_fileload certificate names
544SSL_newcreate an SSL structure for a connection
545SSL_new_streamcreate a new locally-initiated QUIC stream
546SSL_pendingcheck for readable bytes buffered in an SSL object
547SSL_read_early_datafunctions for sending and receiving early data
548SSL_readread bytes from a TLS/SSL connection
549SSL_rstate_stringget textual description of state of an SSL object during read operation
550SSL_SESSION_freecreate, free and manage SSL_SESSION structures
551SSL_SESSION_get0_cipherset and retrieve the SSL cipher associated with a session
552SSL_SESSION_get0_hostnameget and set SNI and ALPN data associated with a session
553SSL_SESSION_get0_id_contextget and set the SSL ID context associated with a session
554SSL_SESSION_get0_peerget details about peer's certificate for a session
555SSL_SESSION_get_compress_idget details about the compression associated with a session
556SSL_SESSION_get_protocol_versionget and set the session protocol version
557SSL_SESSION_get_timeretrieve and manipulate session time and timeout settings
558SSL_SESSION_has_ticketget details about the ticket associated with a session
559SSL_SESSION_is_resumabledetermine whether an SSL_SESSION object can be used for resumption
560SSL_SESSION_printprintf information about a session
561SSL_session_reusedquery whether a reused session was negotiated during handshake
562SSL_SESSION_set1_idget and set the SSL session ID
563SSL_set1_hostSSL server verification parameters
564SSL_set1_initial_peer_addrset the initial peer address for a QUIC connection
565SSL_set1_server_cert_typecertificate type (RFC7250) support
566SSL_set_async_callbackmanage asynchronous operations
567SSL_set_bioconnect the SSL object with a BIO
568SSL_set_blocking_modeconfigure blocking mode for a QUIC SSL object
569SSL_set_connect_statefunctions for manipulating and examining the client or server mode of an SSL object
570SSL_set_default_stream_modemanage the default stream for a QUIC connection
571SSL_set_fdconnect the SSL object with a file descriptor
572SSL_set_incoming_stream_policymanage the QUIC incoming stream policy
573SSL_set_retry_verifyindicate that certificate verification should be retried
574SSL_set_sessionset a TLS/SSL session to be used during TLS/SSL connect
575SSL_set_shutdownmanipulate shutdown state of an SSL connection
576SSL_set_verify_resultoverride result of peer certificate verification
577SSL_shutdownshut down a TLS/SSL or QUIC connection
578SSL_state_stringget textual description of state of an SSL object
579SSL_stream_concludeconclude the sending part of a QUIC stream
580SSL_stream_resetreset a QUIC stream
581SSL_wantobtain state information TLS/SSL I/O operation
582SSL_writewrite bytes to a TLS/SSL connection
583TS_RESP_CTX_newTimestamp response context object creation
584TS_VERIFY_CTX_set_certsset certificates for TS response verification
585UI_create_methoduser interface method creation and destruction
586UI_newuser interface
587UI_STRINGUser interface string parsing
588UI_UTIL_read_pwuser interface utilities
589X509_add_certX509 certificate list addition functions
590X509_ALGOR_dupAlgorithmIdentifier functions
591X509_check_cacheck if given certificate is CA certificate
592X509_check_hostX.509 certificate matching
593X509_check_issuedchecks if certificate is apparently issued by another certificate
594X509_check_private_keycheck the consistency of a private key with the public key in an X509 certificate or certificate request
595X509_check_purposeCheck the purpose of a certificate
596X509_cmpcompare X509 certificates and related values
597X509_cmp_timeX509 time functions
598X509_CRL_get0_by_serialCRL revoked entry utility functions
599X509_digestget digest of various objects
600X509_dupASN1 object utilities
601X509_EXTENSION_set_objectextension utility functions
602X509_get0_distinguishing_idget or set the Distinguishing ID for certificate operations
603X509_get0_notBeforeget or set certificate or CRL dates
604X509_get0_signaturesignature information
605X509_get0_uidsget certificate unique identifiers
606X509_get_default_cert_fileretrieve default locations for trusted CA certificates
607X509_get_extension_flagsretrieve certificate extension data
608X509_get_pubkeyget or set certificate or certificate request public key
609X509_get_serialNumberget or set certificate serial number
610X509_get_subject_nameget X509_NAME hashes or get and set issuer or subject names
611X509_get_versionget or set certificate, certificate request or CRL version
612X509_load_httpcertificate and CRL loading functions
613X509_LOOKUP_hash_dirDefault OpenSSL certificate lookup methods
614X509_LOOKUP_meth_newRoutines to build up X509_LOOKUP methods
615X509_LOOKUPOpenSSL certificate lookup mechanisms
616X509_NAME_add_entry_by_txtX509_NAME modification functions
617X509_NAME_ENTRY_get_objectX509_NAME_ENTRY utility functions
618X509_NAME_get0_derget X509_NAME DER encoding
619X509_NAME_get_index_by_NIDX509_NAME lookup and enumeration functions
620X509_NAME_print_exX509_NAME printing routines
621X509_newX509 certificate ASN1 allocation and deallocation functions
622X509_PUBKEY_newSubjectPublicKeyInfo public key functions
623X509_REQ_get_extensionshandle X.509 extension attributes of a CSR
624X509_SIG_get0DigestInfo functions
625X509_signsign certificate, certificate request, or CRL signature
626X509_STORE_add_certX509_STORE manipulation
627X509_STORE_CTX_get_by_subjectX509 and X509_CRL lookup functions
628X509_STORE_CTX_get_errorget or set certificate verification status information
629X509_STORE_CTX_newX509_STORE_CTX initialisation
630X509_STORE_CTX_set_verify_cbget and set X509_STORE_CTX components such as verification callback
631X509_STORE_get0_paramX509_STORE setter and getter functions
632X509_STORE_newX509_STORE allocation, freeing and locking functions
633X509_STORE_set_verify_cb_funcset verification callback
634X509V3_get_d2iX509 extension decode and encode functions
635X509v3_get_ext_by_NIDextension stack utility functions
636X509V3_set_ctxX.509 v3 extension generation utilities
637X509_verify_certbuild and verify X509 certificate chain
638X509_VERIFY_PARAM_set_flagsX509 verification parameters
639X509_verifyverify certificate, certificate request, or CRL signature

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