OpenSSL Howto's

The de-facto standard implementation of SSL is OpenSSL. Matured over the past years, It is the base for security layer implementations in communications software. Handling is non-trivial, and in the earlier days documentation was sparse.

Online Certificate Tools

WebCert Online provides a number of freely accessible online tools for certificate management. This is the next best option if no OpenSSL commandline is easily available.

More information about WebCert itself is here.

Misc Items

The OpenSSL Manuals

OpenSSL API Examples

With OpenSSL's documentation not yet complete and sparse,the following sample programs demonstrate various functions and enable "learning by doing". For additional programs, see also the "demo" directory within the OpenSSL source package.

I wrote down below examples between 2004 and 2016 working under OpenSSL 1.0.x. The OpenSSL API changed from OpenSSL 1.1.x onwards, encapsulating internal structures and requiring to use new get/set functions. Please note the possible impact.

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