This is the JavaScript port of pwgen, Copyright (C) 2003-2006 KATO Kazuyoshi <>. Originally it was available at - see here. I updated it to support special characters and to create the matching UNIX crypt-style hash for easy copy&paste. This page creates a set of 3 random passwords.


First row shows the random password in clear text, the second row the equivalent string in UNIX crypt format, and the third row shows the password string as a MD5 hash, encoded in Base64.

Random Password 1
Random Password 2
Random Password 3
Unix-crypt Hashstring
Unsalted MD5
Hashstring (Base64)


  • password length
  • include at least one capital letter
  • include at least one number
  • include at least one special character !@#$^*()-_+?=./:',


See also the article about password security read here